01 Jan

My Resolve for new year 2015

To plan what you want to do 10 years from now is a joke. To not know what you want to do in the year ahead is a tragedy. Let us turn 2015 into a year of Most and More… with SMART goals.

SPECIFIC: I want to perform better, I want to become richer, I want to become healthier aren’t specific goals. Your mind will come up with a plan of action, only if the goal is made meaningful, by making it specific.

MEASURABLE: We need ways by which we know we are progressing towards the finishing line. What cannot be measured cannot be monitored, what cannot be monitored cannot be controlled, what cannot be controlled cannot be directed and what cannot be directed does not become progress. So the goal must be broken up into measurable components.

ACHIEVABLE: There are no ambitious goals; only ambitious time frames. Goals can be born from the heart, but the time frames must be reasoned out by the mind. That’s why goals can be out of sight, but they should never be out of mind.

REALISTIC: Resources yield results. Results need resources. It is not about increasing turnover from 50 to 100 crores, but can it be done with this team size, this factory space, this capital, this know-how, and in the Prevailing Market condition? A realistic goal in one where in there is a specific and scientific correlation between resources and results.

TIME BOUND: Human beings are deadline driven animals. Your mind will not even start working unless you give it a deadline to work for….

Let us turn the year 2015 into year of humongous possibility with SMART goals.

20 Nov

Slaughter House in Mumbai


Deonar Slaughter house – Slaughter House in Mumbai
Facts and figures

* History Of Devnar
In 1971 Slaughter house shifted from Bandra to Deonar.

* Objective : To Provide hygienic meat for people of Mumbai only.
Only physically unfit animals were used to killed with Valid certification from Doctors.
It was decided by BMC that meat will not exported from Devnar.
In 1983 again BMC has decided to stop export of meat from devnar.

* Current Activities
Daily 4000 Animals Get Killed
1200 workers are working in it
32 Doctors are appointed for certification.
Certificate are given on weight age of Vitamin “M”
50% of Meat gets exported to Arabian Countries
Used 17 Lacs Ltr. Water daily for slaughter
Animals captured from Gujarat, Rajasthan, M.P., Maharashtra, U.P. Killed in Mumbai
Meat Exported to Gulf Countries.
10 crore Animals are killed till date.
Total Animal Wealth of Rs.8000 Crore had been washed out.
Total loss of around 200 crore to corporation for maintenance of Devnar
Rs.20 was paid by tax payer to kill animal in devnar from their tax.

* BMC Shocking Decision –
B.M.C. want to make it ultramodern
Per day 14,000 animals will get killed
50 lakhs to be killed in just 1 year
125 crore estimate expenses
6 crore consultancy fees
75% of meat will get exported
Use of 50 lacs liter water daily for slaughter of animals

* Effects On Us –
Water Shortages in Mumbai
Hike in Milk Prices upto Rs.50 / Litre
Free Spreading of Diseases amongst us
Creation of Unemployment resulting suicide death of farmers in Maharashtra
Unwanted parts of animals mixed in other vegetarian food products.
Drainage system failed due to heavy waste material of animals.
Cows-Buffaloes can be seen only in Books.


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18 Nov

BJP re-sends bill seeking cow slaughter ban for President’s nod

BJP government in Maharashtra re-sends bill seeking cow slaughter ban for President nod

Very good initiative from our state government toward Animal Preservation and putting ban on cow slaughtering…    BJP re-sends bill seeking cow slaughter ban

BJP government in Maharashtra re-sends bill to our President, Pranab Mukherjee for putting ban on cow slaughter in Maharashtra….

The BJP government in Maharashtra has resent the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Bill 1995, which seeks to ban cow slaughter, for the President’s assent. Mahesh Phatak, Secretary, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Department, in a letter dated November 13 has informed the Centre that the new government in the state wanted to follow up the Bill and wanted its enactment.

 The letter was in response to a communication from deputy secretary, Union Ministry of Home Affairs, seeking to know if the government was interested in pursuing the Bill, passed way back in 1995 by the state legislature.

 Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar said the Congress-NCP government never responded to the enquiries from the President seeking the state’s views on the Bill before giving the assent. He said he regularly followed up the issue in the Assembly, however the erstwhile government said it had set up a committee to study the Bill and its report was yet to come.

 सुख समृद्धि तब आयेगी जब गौ हत्या रुक जायेगी

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12 Oct

VHP Protest on Oct 20 against Cow Slaughter


HYDERABAD: Vishwa Hindu Parishad is planning to organise protests across Telangana on October 20 against cow slaughter on Bakrid day. VHP Kshetra Adhikari Y Yadagiri Rao, said police registered cases against 120 persons in Hyderabad alone for preventing cow slaughter. The state government is not respecting the sentiments of Hindus, he alleged.

Source:- The New Indian Express

11 Oct

Tension in Gujarat village as police raid after alleged cow slaughter

Written by Kamal Saiyed | Surat | Posted: October 7, 2014 2:08 pm

Tension gripped Dabhel village of Navsari district on Tuesday morning as the police went to the village to raid suspects involved in alleged cow slaughter. The villagers pelted stones on the police, which retaliated by opening fire and injuring two persons. As many as three policemen were also injured in the stone pelting, and were rushed to Yashfin hospital at Navsari.

Acting on a tip off, Navsari police, alongwith Gaurakshaks associated with the VHP, reached Navi Nagri street in Dabhel village on Tuesday morning. Read More

11 Oct

In BJP bastion, Thackeray vows to end cow slaughter

Raj Thackeray addresses a rally in Pune on Friday.(Source: Express uphoto by Arul Horizon)Raj Thackeray addresses a rally in Pune on Friday. (Source: Express uphoto by Arul Horizon)

Speaking at the BJP bastion of Kasba Peth constituency in Pune, MNS chief Raj Thackeray promised to introduce an Act against cow slaughter if voted to power. He was campaigning in Pune for 18 MNS candidates.

Thackeray spoke at length about how cows are brutally slaughtered for leather in the state. He said that he is an animal lover and has many pet dogs. “I promise that if MNS comes to power with full majority, I will bring gau hatya bandi kayda (anti-cow slaughter Act) in Maharashtra,” he said.


MNS corporator Ravindra Dhangekar had lost the 2009 Assembly elections to BJP’s four-time MLA Girish Bapat by a narrow margin in the constituency. MNS corporator Kishor Shinde had lost to Shiv Sena’s Chandrakant Mokate in Kothrud constituency, also a saffron stronghold. MNS is also contesting from the Parvati constituency, which has big number of Sangh Parivar activists. Read More

10 Oct

Protest against Cow Slaughter turns Violent in Pune: Agitators stage Rail Roko at Pimpri


Local Hindus protesting on Cow slaughter on the eve of Muslims' Eid at Pimpri Railway Station on Monday

Local Hindus protesting against Cow slaughter by Muslims’ on Eid at Pimpri Railway Station on Monday

पुणे Pune: Tension prevailed in Pimpri on Monday as traders and Hindu activists agitated against a proposed slaughterhouse in the Pimpri market. As the agitators hurled stones at shops and the temporary slaughterhouse in Pimpri, a huge police force had to be deployed to control the situation and they had to to resort to mild lathi-charge.

Police laticharge public after protests broke out due to cow slaughter at Pimpri in Pune

Police laticharge at public after protests broke out due to cow slaughter at Pimpri in Pune

With the agitators also staging a “rail roko” at the Pimpri railway station for about two-and-a-half hours in the afternoon, the Pune-Lonavala-Pune local trains between 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm were cancelled. Shops at the Pimpri market were later told to down shutters.

The local train services resumed in the evening.

Goraksha Seva Samaj observing Deeksha Satyagraha in Sangli on Cow Slaughter

Goraksha Seva Samaj observing Deeksha Satyagraha in Sangli on Cow Slaughter

Senior police officers, including Pune Police Commissioner Satish Mathur, visited Pimpri to take stock of the situation. Additional police force from the State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) and Quick Response Teams (QRTs) was deployed.

07RAIL-ROKOThe police said there was a dispute over a slaughterhouse proposed at the Pimpri market area. Read More

26 Sep

Muslims must drink cow urine, sing Vande Mataram to enter Garba venue

Cow Urine Drink

Zee Media Bureau/Tarun Khanna

Bhopal: After BJP’s Madhya Pradesh MLA Usha Thakur’s controversial remarks, another BJP MLA from the state, Rameshwar Sharma, sparked off a fresh controversy by stating that Muslims should taste cow urine or panchgavya (a concoction made of five cow products, namely, milk, ghee, curd, urine and dung) if they want to enter Garba festival.

According to a report in an English daily, Sharma during a meeting with Hindu Utsav Samiti here said that if Muslims want to be a part of Garba festival they should drink cow urine and sing Vande Mataram.

It was also said that the Muslims who want to enter the venue should be accompanied by their female family members as it will ensure they will conduct themselves well and not eye Hindu girls.

Earlier, Usha Thakur had told reporters that organisers of ‘garba’ should only allow Hindu youths to enter the pandals and that too on production of their voter identity cards.

“It is not appropriate to let those people who do not believe in Hindu religion enter the pandals for ‘garba’ only for dancing and singing. I have appealed to organisers to allow only Hindu youths in pandals and that too on production of voter identity cards,” the 48-year-old legislator said.

Meanwhile, the Congress has condemned the controversial remarks made by the BJP leaders.

(With PTI inputs)